Glossop Methodist Circuit

Hadfield Methodist Church

Station Road, Hadfield


August/September 2018

Minister's message

When the New Testament Church met, they shared fellowship, worship and food, they sometimes called this an Agapé Meal (or Love Feast). This was eventually evolved into what the Church  has come to call the Eucharist, or the Lord’s Supper, or Holy Communion.

The Love Feast was rediscovered and used by the Moravian Church for fellowship with a meal without having to prepare Holy Communion. John Wesley was inspired by many elements of Moravian Worship and encouraged Methodist gatherings to adopt Love Feasts, especially where there wasn’t an ordained Minister to conduct Holy Communion regularly. Last month one of our services took the form of a Love Feast.  When we partake in a Love Feast we are going to go back to those earliest times, to share in a Common Meal, also known as Agapé. At a Love Feast we share food and fellowship, and we share testimony as to what God is doing in our lives today. You can actively participate if you want to bring a prayer, a reading, a testimony or a song. Alternatively, you can enjoy listening to others. The Meal involved the sharing of simple food, like bread and water drunk from a special two handed mug which could be passed on more easily. Wesley was determined that the congregation should be spiritually as well as physically fed after a Love Feast.

The Love Feast became particularly popular within the Primitive Methodist Churches, which tended  to have smaller chapels or Societies and fewer ordained Ministers to administer the Lord’s Supper. While there was a careful control of how a Love Feast was conducted, like Communion, it was more informal as the congregations were encouraged to share stories of their witness to God’s love in their daily lives. The Love Feast could be administrated by lay members, usually Local Preachers or Stewards, as well as ordained Ministers. Love Feasts also became a popular part of the outdoor gatherings. Of course the Love Feast would also include hymn singing and the Wesley’s composed several hymns for such times including:  “Come and let us sweetly join” and, “Give we all, with one accord.”

I conclude with this verse:   “Come, sinners, to the Gospel feast; Let every soul be Jesus’ guest. Ye need not one be left behind, For God hath bid all humankind.”

We certainly enjoyed our inaugural Love Feast at Hadfield last month and will no doubt have one again. Of course all are welcome any time to share in sweet fellowship together when we gather to worship on Sundays.

Many blessings this summer time. May you be refreshed and blessed.  

(Minister Hadfield Methodist Church - 01457 852422 - Day off: Mondays)   

On the 30th September we will celebrate our Harvest Festival – Our theme this year is ‘Let your light shine’. Time to reflect on how we look after our Blue Planet – how we can make a difference to our environment and global warming, by reducing waste, reusing and recycling packaging and products. Our appeal this year is for ‘All We Can’ This Harvest, they are inspiring churches to ‘let their light shine’  by Celebrating how God’s gift of light has the power to transform lives. Come and join our Harvest Celebration 10:30am 30th September and see how communities in southern Malawi have overcome failed harvests with the introduction of solar powered irrigation


We are starting a 100 Days of Prayer event in our window - see more about it here


Duty rota

Church Stewards Door Flowers
5 Caroline Edith Cathy M
12 Jose Dorothy Gweneth
19 AM Brenda
PM Caroline
26 Jose Edith  
2 Brenda Dorothy Dorothy
9 AM Jose
PM Brenda
16 Caroline Edith Susan
23 Jose Dorothy  
30 Brenda Kath  

Thursday Thought coffee
9 No Meeting
16 Jose and Dorothy
23 Brenda
30 Gweneth and Ken
6 Jose and Dorothy
13 Brenda
20 Gweneth and Ken
27 Jose and Dorothy

Don’t miss out on things you would like to go to:
Please ask if you would like a lift to any event.  Those of us who drive are more than happy to help, and would welcome your company.

Dates for your Diary

Thu 9th NB: No Thursday Thought
Thu 9th Circuit Trip to Skipton
Wed 15th Drop in Lunch for the over 55s 12:00 noon to 1:30pm
Sun 19th Cafe Church at Hadfield 6:15pm
Wed 5th Service at Willow Bank.  2:30pm All welcome.  
Fri 7th Film at Central – Mama Mia.  7:00pm
Sun 9th Crcuit Family Picnic 12:30-2:30pm - see poster here
Sun 9th Circuit Service at Hadfield.  6:15pm
Tue 11th Outreach and Network Committee 2:15pm Central
Wed 19th Drop in Lunch for the over 55s 12:00 noon to 1:30pm
Tue 20th Circuit Meeting Zion 7:45pm
Wed 26th Local Preachers Meeting, 7:45pm Hadfield
Thu 27th Church Council 7:45pm
Sun 30th Harvest Festival 10:30am
Sat 13th Autumn Fair


Every week: *Term time only
Sunday: 10.30 am  Morning Service & Sunday School
Monday: 10.00am – 12.00 noon Feeding Together Drop-in session. Information and support regarding infant feeding and time  to meet other parents. (Not Bank Holidays)
Tuesday: 6.30-9.00pm. Table Tennis
Wednesday: 6-7.30pm Rainbow Brownies*
Thursday: 9.30-10.00am Thursday Thought, followed by Coffee 10.00-11.00am
  1.30-2.45pm  Active Parents Exercise Session 
Friday: 1.15-3.00pm Toddler Group
6.45-8.00pm Youth Station - Youth Club for 8-13s*