Glossop Methodist Circuit

Hadfield Methodist Church

Station Road, Hadfield


June 2017

Minister's message

Ah, at last some summer sun and a quiet couple of months to catch up with myself... Yes, I know, I’m dreaming again. It is, however, inspiring to see God’s creation being transformed as the old dies away and new leaves and plants grow vigorously. This reminds me of how my faith development has had its times of growth and times of cutting or dying back.

One of the main things one of my friends remembers from when he was growing up was pain. He grew to be 6’8”, over 2 metres tall! The bones lengthening and muscles stretching caused the pain over his teen years. We may not all grow to be over 2 meters tall but we all grow up in different ways. I remember having really large size 10 feet before my growth spurt, which made me rather clumsy! We may have stopped growing in height but our bodies continue to grow in other ways, and we learn to adapt and manage the changes through our lives. As well as growing physically and mentally, as Christians we should also place an importance to our spiritual or faith development. However we decided to follow Jesus, joining a church or making a prayer of commitment, is just the starting point on our journey of faith. It is easy to stay in our comfort zones, but God has a habit of nudging us out of these at times, it may be a painful or stretching process but we grow as we move out in faith.

For us moving into a new circuit and churches has been stretching, there is much to learn in a new context. Coming with a young family, all the changes could have been quite difficult, we have been made to feel very welcome and very much appreciate people’s support. John 15 reminds us of the importance of remaining in Christ and prayer, ‘apart from me you can do nothing’. Jesus describes Father God as the gardener; he cuts off unfruitful branches and prunes others so that they will be even more fruitful. This can be painful at the time, but God knows what he is doing and we can reap the benefits in the future if we remain faithful. This is also true for churches there are times for growth and times for cutting back. Growth can occur in various ways, including our depth of spirituality and outworking of our faith in practical ways.

We have had some encouraging feedback from the ‘Lent for Everyone’ challenge, to read through Luke’s gospel through Lent. Many have found this exercise useful and I would encourage you to use some daily bible reading notes and/or join a bible study group. June has been set aside as Bible Month – 30 days with James, I pray you will take the opportunity to read this practical and faith challenging book. Reading our bibles is an important pillar of our faith. When you buy a new product, you turn to the manual to help you understand how to use it; yes you can experiment and learn so much, but to make the most of the product you turn to the user manual. Our bible is our maker’s manual for us, with instruction on how we are to ‘live life in all its fullness’ as the creator intended. This has been and still is an essential part of my faith which has helped me through the difficult times in my life, when I had to let some things die away or cut them back; and has been central at times of growth and fruitfulness. To be a disciple of Jesus is to commit to continue to grow and learn whatever our age. How will you be growing over the coming weeks and months? Are you ready for God to surprise you?

Love, joy and peace, Rev Mike Grimsley

Message from Helen Stubbs

Helen Stubbs' new garden furnitureA big thank you from Helen who has now used the money the Circuit  gave her to buy some garden seating (pictured right) and is enjoying getting to grips with her new garden.

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Dates for your Diary



Sun 4th

United Prayer Service for our nation and local community
at Elim Church, Glossop 6.30pm

Mon 5th

Adult Cell Group 7.45pm

Tues 6th

Circuit Bible Study, 7.30pm  Hadfield Church

Wed 7th

Service at Willow Bank Home 2.30pm all welcome.

Mon 12th

Adult Cell Group 7.45pm

Tues 13th

Circuit Bible Study, 7.30pm   Zion Church

Thurs 15th

Compass Course at Central – Life Together.

Mon 19th

Adult Cell Group 7.45pm

Tues 20th

Circuit Bible Study on the book of James,7.30pm at Central

Tues 20th

Circuit F&GP Central 7.45pm.

Wed 21st

Meal for the over 55’s.  12 noon to 1.30pm

Thurs 22nd

Compass Course at Central – Engaging with Scripture.

Sat 24th

Afternoon Tea and entertainment. WI Event in aid of MHA music therapy and dementia.  
Central 3.00 - 5.00pm

Sun 25th

From 3.30pm Scripture Union Bible Event at Hollingworth with tea.  Family service at 6pm.

Mon 26th

Adult Cell Group 7.45pm

Tues 27th

Circuit Bible Study on James, 7.30pm at Chisworth



Sun 2nd

10.30pm and 2.30pm Sunday School Anniversary Services

Tues 4th

Circuit Meeting at Zion 7.45pm

Fri 7th

Summer Supper Evening at Hollingworth 7pm